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Jambi Governor Joins Covid-19 Coordination Meeting on New World Order Protocol

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Jambi Governor Dr.Drs.H.Fachrori Umar, M.Hum

JAMBIDAILY EDUCATION – Jambi Governor Dr.Drs.H.Fachrori Umar, M.Hum, virtual/online Coordination Meeting with the Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartanto in the Jambi Governor’s Office, Thursday (5/21/20).

The online coordination meeting was also attended by PJ.Sekda Jambi Province H. Sudirman, Karo Humas Jambi Province Johansyah, Head of Social Affairs Arif Munandar.

The Central Government coordinates the more mature evaluation steps related to the current conditions of handling Covid-19 and the preconditions for entering a new order of life in the face of the corona outbreak, “A new health protocol is implemented, monitoring and evaluation together with the Regional Government and the covid-19 task force,” Airlangga said.

Meanwhile, the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture of Indonesia Prof. Muhadjir Effendy stressed that the draft protocol must be available, then it could open a place of business or shopping, “Don’t let the place of business disregard and cause social distortion,” stressed Prof. Muhadjir.

Furthermore Minister of Domestic Affairs Tito Karnavian put forward local wisdom as well as innovative, creative steps, with readiness at the regional level publicly and epidemiologically, “Before the new world order we do a national movement of individual protective activities, such as wearing masks that have not yet been massively carried out by the public and the need for mask distribution. cloth, massive socialization of hand washing using soap, hand sanitizer for the public so that everyone always takes it, keep the distance needs to be arranged in markets, malls, terminals, “said Tito Karnavian.

KSP Muldoko advocated for the determination of the area of ​​the business sector that continues to operate in a productive and safe area, “The enabling and safe conditions of co-19 are important to be determined,” Muldoko stressed.

Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga is addressing a number of regencies / cities in the green zone (zero covid-19), “Areas that can be opened with a health protocol mechanism,” said Airlangga.

Minister of Health Terawan revealed that towards a good order, it is still through health protocols and the preparation of health facilities and infrastructure that continues to be pursued in the face of Covid-19.

The Indonesian national army (TNI) Commander said that related to the opened public space, it was also possible to loosen places of worship and control mechanisms and health protocols at the place. “The TNI and Polri coordinate with local governments, maintaining health protocols can work well, including cooperation between religious leaders, community leaders, traditional leaders and owners capital or business, “explained the TNI Commander.

Responding to this the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD conveyed the view from the juridical aspects of the PSBB that there should be a loose mechanism with a clear SOP, productive and safe community co-19, “Establish the most important health protocol,” said Mahfud MD.

The Coordinating Minister for Maritime emphasized that all civil servants/ASN use the Co-Opponent 19 Unite Application to maximize handling and prevention measures.

BNPB Doni Munardo explained that PSBB which is carried out according to the law refers to restrictions rather than prohibitions with the community’s ability to maintain health and adequate nutrition which is a common concern to maximize the handling and prevention of co-19.

The Deputy Chief of Police on the occasion explained the readiness of the National Police officers to assist in disciplinary action against those who did not meet the rules by carrying out persuasion or humanist steps.

The Head of Bappenas gives an insight into the new world order facing covid-19 in countries that have succeeded on the basis of data and knowledge as a basis for decision making, easing PSBB must be phased through phases or zones, applying very strict health protocols, discipline, supervision by the authorities.

The Governor of Jambi and the Regional Secretary also participated in the presentation of the Governor of North Sumatra, the Governor of DKI Jakarta, the Governor of West Java, including those from the NTT, Papuan and Maluku regions who were given the opportunity to convey the conditions of their respective regions (Raihan, Vid: Latif, Photo: Adi / PR of the Jambi Provincial Government)



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