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Korem 042 Launches “White Garuda Cares for Sesamo” Program

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JAMBIDAILY VOICE TNI – The attention of the whole world is currently devoted to Coronavirus Desease 2019 (Covid-19) or corona. A deadly virus that spread throughout the world so quickly.

Corona virus was first detected in China, early December 2019. At that time, several patients came to the hospital in Wuhan. They show symptoms of unknown diseases. Wuhan indeed had a lockdown. But apparently the virus had already spread everywhere.

Quickly, several countries were immediately attacked. The number of patients infected and dying has risen sharply. Immediately, the world was lost. All made various efforts.

Well, in Indonesia, the corona virus was first confirmed on Monday (2/3). Two women, aged 31 and 64, contracted the virus.

In Jambi Province itself, the corona virus was first confirmed on March 23, 2020. Patient 01 is a resident of Tebo Regency. The Jambi Province Covid-19 Task Force Team continues to work, chaired by the Jambi Governor.

The Indonesian National Army (TNI) did not remain silent. Through Hercules, Jambi Province has twice received thousands of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) assistance, from the center. This assistance was immediately handed over to the Jambi Provincial Health Office, so that it could be distributed immediately.

Korem 042 / Gapu, so far has also done various things to help the Government, in preventing the spread of Covid-19. Starting from spraying disinfectants to various public facilities, providing assistance, to setting up public kitchens for residents affected by Covid-19.

But there was a new breakthrough made by Korem 042 / Gapu under the leadership of Colonel Kav M Zulkifli, as soon as he was appointed in the Sudirman Makodam II / Swj Building, Palembang, last Thursday (23/4).

This Jambi native of Indonesia, launched the “White Garuda Cares for Sesamo” Program. A program aimed at helping the government, to help people affected by Covid-19 economically. Here, all Korem 042 / Gapu soldiers and staff are encouraged to care about their environment. How, by setting aside their fortune to be distributed to people around. “For example, one soldier can help 2 surrounding residents who are struggling, how many residents can be helped. It all starts with oneself, according to their abilities, “said the original Jambi wong, who was born on September 27, 1968 ago.

This program also started running on Friday (8/5) then, this program was launched. Danrem 042 / Gapu Colonel Kav M Zulkifli, accompanied by Head of KCK Koorcab 042 PD II Sriwijaya, Mrs. Dewi Zulkifli, handed over the food packages symbolically to representatives of Veterans, Warakawuri, Perip and Pepabri in Makorem 042 / Gapu. Also present at the time were Kasrem Lt. Col. Arh Hary Sassono Utomo, Dandim 0415 / Batanghari and Dan / Kasatbalakrem 042 and the Kasi Korem.

This compassion is a form of sympathy for Korem 042 / Gapu to the wives of TNI soldiers who have fought to defend the nation and state, even though life is at stake. “This assistance is certainly not of value.

Most importantly, this is a form of our concern for Warakawuri who used to be very loyal to accompany her husband as a TNI soldier in defending and defending the Republic of Indonesia where in the Corona pandemic situation, mothers who are no longer young must always maintain health, “said Zulkifli.

The technical division also continued to implement the health protocol, in order to break the chain of distribution of Covid-19. The food packages were delivered directly by the Babinsa. Directly sent to homes. Hopefully, this assistance can reduce the burden of daily basic needs.

Unmitigated, the “White Garuda Cares for Sesamo” program, until Tuesday (5/19) was able to donate 3,560 square meals, 7,610 food packages and 16,850 masks.

The whole hand in hand shoulder to shoulder, in order to help others. So that the surrounding communities affected by Covid-19, can still smile with the family. Korem 042 / Gapu soldiers themselves had issued 1,000 rice boxes and 1,099 food packages, then Kodim 0415 / Bth 1,000 rice boxes, 142 food packages.

Followed by Kodim 0416 / Bute soldiers, 925 food packages and 2,070 masks, then Kodim 0417 / Kerinci 541 food packages and 2,650 masks. Meanwhile Kodim 0419 / Tanjab soldiers donated 2,485 food packages and 6,300 masks, Kodim 0420 / Sarko 500 rice boxes, 2,036 food packages and 5,830 masks.

Whereas the Satdisjan ranks also participated namely Denbekang Unit 44-02 contributed 45 food packages, Denpal B 02.12.02, donated 20 boxes of rice and 50 packages of basic necessities, Zibang Den 3 / II, 12 packages of basic necessities, Denkesyah 50 packages of basic food items , Den hubrem 042 contributed 6 packages of nine basic necessities and Ajenrem 042 9 packages of basic needs.

“This is all of us for the community. Kito must assist the people in the midst of this situation, “said Zulkifli. (Penremgapu)



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