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RI Corona Update May 21: 20,162 Positive Cases, Healed 4,838, Dead 1,278

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Ilustrasi. (Foto: Edi Wahyono)

JAMBIDAILY JAKARTA – The government continues to update the Corona (COVID-19) case data in Indonesia. Today, there are 20,162 positive confirmed cases of Corona, 4,838 people recovered, and 1,278 people died.

The Corona positive case data was updated by the Government Spokesman for Handling of COVID-19 Achmad Yurianto, Thursday (05/21/2020). This data was collected until 12.00 WIB earlier.

Based on data from May 20, 2020, positive cases of Corona in Indonesia reached 19,189. The number of patients recovered to 4,575 and people died to 1,242.

The Corona case data will be updated daily at covid19.go.id. The public can monitor this website freely.

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