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Corona in Indonesia May 28: 24,538 Positive, 6,240 Healed, 1,496 Dead

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Routine disinfection is still being carried out in Pasuruan Regency. (Photo: Muhajir Arifin)

JAMBIDAILY JAKARTA – The number of cases of the Corona COVID-19 virus in Indonesia continues to increase. Until Thursday (05/28/2020), the accumulation of positive cases has reached 24,538 people.

Quoted from covid19.go.id, the number of patients declared cured reached 6,240 and those who died became 1,496.

  • The number of positive cases increased by 687 to 24,538
  • The number of patients recovered increased 183 to 6,240
  • The number of patients dying 23 increased to 1,496

The data is the accumulation recorded until 12.00 WIB today.

Previously, on Wednesday (5/27/2020), the cumulative number of positive cases stood at 23,851, with 6,057 of whom recovered and 1,473 died. (fds / fds) /detik.com



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