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Corona Update on Indonesia 2 June: 27,549 positive, 7,935 healed, 1,663 dead

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BIN conducted mass swabs and rapid tests. (Photo: doc. BIN)

JAMBIDAILY JAKARTA –  The number of cases of the Corona COVID-19 virus in Indonesia continues to increase. Until Tuesday (2/6/2020), the accumulation of positive cases has reached 27,549 people.

Meanwhile, the number of patients who were declared cured had reached 7,935 and those who died had become 1,663.

The following details the development of the Corona virus case in Indonesia on Tuesday (2/6/2020):

1. The number of positive cases increased by 609 to 27,549.
2. The number of patients recovering increased from 298 to 7,935.
3. The number of patients dying increased by 22 to 1,663.

The data is the accumulation recorded until 12.00 WIB today.

Earlier on Monday (1/6/2020), the cumulative number of positive cases was 26,940, with 7,637 of them recovering (28.3 percent of the confirmed cases) and 1,641 dead (6.1 percent of the confirmed cases). (fds/fds)/detik.com



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