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993 New Case Records, Corona Figures in Indonesia Translucent 30 Thousand

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Corona case in Indonesia reached 30 thousand. (Photo: Edi Wahyono)

JAMBIDAILY JAKARTA – Indonesia recorded the most increase in Corona virus cases on Saturday (6/6/2020). With the addition of 993 new cases, the number of Corona virus patients in Indonesia has reached 30,514 people.
Government spokesman for handling the Corona virus, Achmad Yurianto, said the highest increase was in East Java Province.

“The highest increase today we get from examinations in East Java as many as 286 cases. Although on the same day East Java also reported cases of recovery as many as 154 cases,” Achmad Yurianto said in a conference broadcast by BNPB, Saturday (06/06/2020) .

The highest addition to the previous case occurred on 21 May. At that time, Achmad Yurianto announced the addition of 973 new cases.

To date there have been 9,907 Corona patients recovered and 1,801 other patients have died.

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