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Remember to start at 00.00 WIB Tonight, Without a Face Mask, a fine of 50 thousand rupiah in The City of Jambi

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JAMBIDAILY JAMBI CITY – Since tonight, exactly nails: 00.00 a.m., Monday, June 8, 2020 fine sanctions began to be imposed on residents of the city of Jambi-Indonesia, who were found without wearing a mask when doing outdoor activities or public areas.

This is an action to prevent the transmission of covid-19, in accordance with the regulations of the Mayor (Perwal) Jambi No. 21 of 2020, About “Guidelines for Handling Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) in Public Areas / Business Environments and Communities in the Implementation of Economic and Social Relaxation Enforcement During the Pandemic ”

The regulation on June 1, 2020 is regulated in:

Article 3 Paragraph (1) Every public / business and community area, in carrying out activities in a potentially affected environment must be guided by the prevention and treatment of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19).

Paragraph (3) The description of the guideline referred to in paragraph (1) must be fulfilled by all people in their activities outside the home by using a mask.

Perwal arranges fines for violators, which are stated in:

Article 6, Paragraph (1) Every business and community which violates the provisions referred to in Article 3 shall be liable to administrative sanctions.

Article 8, Every community violating the guidelines referred to in Article 3 paragraph (3) shall be liable to a financial penalty of Rp.50,000 (fifty thousand rupiah).

Article 9 Penalties for fines referred to in Article 7 and Article 8 shall be deposited with the Regional Treasury.

This was confirmed by the Jambi City Government Spokesperson, Abu Bakar when confirmed jambidaily.com (Sunday, 07/06/2020) began the entry into force of the sanction at: 00.00 hrs tonight “Yes,” he answered simply.

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