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First Day of School in Jambi City, the New Normal Period Pandemic Covid-19

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JAMBIDAILY JAMBI CITY – Today, Monday, July 13, 2020 is the first day of entering school for the 2020/2021 school year, face-to-face teaching and learning activities at school, starting to take place during the new normal period of Pandemic Covid-19.

Observed in SMP 1 Jambi City, Indonesia, face-to-face teaching and learning activities (KBM) have begun to be carried out, it seems that the school has prepared Covid-19 handling protocols in accordance with the Government’s recommendations, starting from where to wash hands, disinfectants, body temperature test kits, as well as almost 100 percent of students already wear masks, and in classrooms the distance of students’ seats is determined, according to the health protocol.

“The health protocol for handling Covid-19, so far we have implemented it and we are compliant.” Pirdaus School Principal Told Jambidaily, Monday (July 13, 2020)

“Specifically to welcome new teachings, our schools have previously prepared all forms of the Health Protocol, in accordance with the Government’s call.” Reveal Pirdaus.

“And support from parents of students, to conduct teaching and learning activities face to face has reached 80 percent.” He continued again.

“I see this school has implemented the Health Protocol well, hopefully it will continue to be applied.” Said Ella, one of the Student’s Parents.

Meanwhile, for new students, namely class VII, today there is still an introduction to the school environment for three days, while classes VIII and IX have conducted teaching and learning activities.

In accordance with the decision of the Jambi City Government, teaching and learning activities carried out for a maximum of three hours, without rest, this aims to limit physical contact between students.


(Dedi Zamora)




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