22 April 2024

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SD Negeri 206 / IV Jambi City, Sterilize School Areas and Facilities According to the Covid-19 Protocol

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JAMBIDAILY – Based on the decision of the Mayor of Jambi number 245 of 2020 concerning the determination of the implementation of relaxation in the field of education in 2020/2021, the school returned (Monday, 07/13/2020) to conduct face-to-face learning after being declared ready by the Task Force Accelerator Task Force for Co-19 City Handling Acceleration Jambi-Indonesia.

Various preparations are made in face-to-face learning of students according to applicable procedures, one of them is the Elementary School (SD) Negeri 206 / IV Jambi City, Acting Principal of SDN 206 / IV, Safrudin S.Pd, explaining the infrastructure, instructions for covid-19 rules and others is available.

“For the preparations we have done from a long time ago, based on the directions of the puskesmas including preparing infrastructure such as a washing area for hands, disinfectants, sheets of paper in each room as a guide / direction for our students what they did during the learning process in the middle of this co-19, we also always supervise students like wearing masks, keeping a distance, “he explained to jambidaily.com

The school has also given directions to the parents / guardians of students so that their children before going to school are required to bring their own food because the school canteen is not yet allowed to open
“We also give directions to parents / guardians of students so that their children have breakfast at home, bring food from home because the school canteen is not yet allowed to open, so yes bring it yourself,” he said

In addition, Safrudin S.Pd, also added that it does not force children to study at school, but continues to learn from home. If there are students who are sick with a fever, flu, or cough while they are not allowed to go to school first, advise parents to go to the health center until their child is completely healthy.

“If there are students who are sick with a fever, flu, or cough so that they do not go to school first to go to the puskesmas until they are declared healthy, when students want to enter the school area we check their temperature, if 38 degrees we tell them to go home and rest at home, we also don’t forcing parents to have their children study at school because learning from home can also, “he concluded

This condition, according to one parent / guardian of students, strongly supports and trusts the school during the learning process. “I strongly support my child being able to go back to school, I also trust the school by providing health protocols and also supervision of the child in the learning process. take place, “responded one parent / guardian of students.





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