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Babinsa Koramil Tungkal Ilir, Check the Body Temperature of Migrants at Covid-19 Command Post

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JAMBIDAILY – Task Force Team (Task Force) at Covid Monitoring Post 19 Port Lasdap Kel. Tungkal IV City Kec. Tungkal ilir, West Tanjab Regency, Jambi-Indonesia province together with Babinsa Koramil 03 / Tungkal Ilir Kodim 0419 / Tanjab, Serma Badrul conducted a check on the Corona virus control post (Covid-19) and monitored every boat passenger passing the Lasdab port in Kuala Tungkal on Monday. (07/18/2020)

This was revealed by Babinsa Koramil 03 / Tungkal Ilir, Serma Badrul who carries out security at the Covid-19 post by carrying out passenger and cargo checks to anticipate the spread of the corona virus in Tungkal Ilir.

“This is an order from the top command to break the chain of transmission of the corona virus,” Badrul said.

He explained, supervision at the entrance by examining the body temperature of migrants, especially migrants from outside West Tanjab Regency, especially outside the District of Tungkal Ilir.

“In addition to passengers and goods also did not escape from surveillance by spraying,” he said.



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