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Prevent Covid -19, Kerinci Kodim Back to Perform Mass Rapid Tests

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JAMBIDAILY – To ensure that members are not exposed to the Corona Virus, Kodim 0417 / Kerinci in collaboration with the Jambi Provincial Health Office and the Kerinci District Health Office are carrying out mass Rapid Tests against Soldiers and Civil Servants. The activity took place at Military District Command Headquarters 0417 / Kerinci, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Sungai Penuh City, Jambi Province, Indonesia, Thursday (07/23/20).

Present in the event the Head of the Jambi Provincial Health Office was represented by the Head of the Program and Data Sub-Section M. Darwis Rambe, Dandim 0417 / Kerinci represented by the Pasi Ops Kodim 0417 / Kerinci, Captain Cpl Yahya and from the Sungai Penuh City Health Office, and Rumkitban Train 02.09.04 Full River Captain Ckm Irwandi.

Dandim 0417 / Kerinci Lt. Col. Czi Firiadi via WhatsApp message confirmed that its members today conducted a Rapid Test, the Rapid Test activity carried out was a unit effort in securing their personnel in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are also working with the Kerinci District Health Office. When implementing the Rapid Test we refer to health protocols that are in accordance with Government directives, “he said.

The purpose of the Rapid Test was carried out to detect the condition of Kodim personnel, especially Babinsa, moreover our personnel always interacted with the community and assured the public that the security forces were absolutely unaffected and exposed to Covid-19.

“From the results obtained during the Rapit Test, as many as 334 Kodim members who have taken the Tapid Test found no Reactive personnel. This is a consequence of our discipline in supporting the duties of field members who are members of the Covid-19 Prevention Task Force Team, said Dandim.

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“This Rapid Test is important as a form of early anticipation, so that personnel who are daily in the field, can find out their health condition, he concluded. (* /)



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