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Restaurant Service Managers Still Prioritize Health Protocols

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JAMBIDAILY – Entering the new normal era amid the co-19 pandemic outbreak, all activities returned to normal as usual, one of which included a restaurant service manager in Sabak, East Tanjung Jabung regency, Jambi province, Indonesia.

One restaurant manager located in the office center, Ajis said that even though entering the new normal era, his party still prioritizes the health protocol.

“Even though the government has set a new normal era, we still prioritize health protocols such as providing a place to wash hands before entering and we serve customers by continuing to wear masks,” Ajis told jambidaily.com.

He hopes that by complying with the health protocol, the pandemic corona outbreak in the normal era can be prevented.

“By following the implementation of the health protocol, hopefully we can avoid the spread of the covid-19 outbreak,” he hoped.

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