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Health Protocol in the Talang Banjar Traditional Market in Jambi City, Neglected

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JAMBIDAILY – Corona Virus deaths, according to data from the Covid-19 Central Task Force Handling Team, continues to increase every day, until now the number of deaths from Covid-19 in Indonesia has passed 4,500 lives, and more than 97,000 positive cases of Covid- 19

However, the data did not make the residents visiting the traditional market located in Talang Banjar, the city of Jambi, to be afraid.

Especially there are still many visitors and sellers in the market, who do not wear masks and keep their distance when buying and selling, to the point of appearing that the Health Protocol is ignored.

Whereas the market is a vulnerable location with the spread of Covid-19, especially traditional markets.

“Yes, what else can we do, we want to cook, of course we have to shop the ingredients at the market.” Said Resma one of the visitors at the Market to Jambidaily, Sunday (07/26/2020)

“We should just be alert, keep wearing masks and keep our distance, for those who don’t wear masks, it will be a risk for them.” He concluded.


(Dedi Zamora)




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