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Prevent Covid-19, These Healthy Tips From Jambi Reflectionologists

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JAMBIDAILY – Amid the current Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is required to follow the Health Protocol and maintain physical fitness.

“The most important thing to maintain health and physical fitness is to adopt a balanced lifestyle,” said Jambi Reflectionologist Rahmat (40) on the sidelines of providing therapy to his patients, Monday (07/27/2020) at his residence which also doubles as a place of practice.

He stated, the balanced lifestyle is eating patterns, exercise and regular rest. “When someone can not implement a balanced lifestyle, it will reduce the body’s defense against viruses that can attack our health. This is one of the roles of replication science to build the balance of our organs, “explained the man born in Bogor.

Replication itself is very helpful in improving body health and kebuagaran to awaken inner strength to fight viruses and various other health threats.

“Reflection specifically can improve the glandular system, nerves and blood vessels. So everything related to internal organs such as digestion and pancreas, “explained the man who has been undergoing the practice of reflection since 1984.

To provide services to the community amid the current pandemic, it does not set special tariffs in providing health services.

“We don’t set tariffs. It costs voluntarily from the people who use our services, “added the man who claimed to inherit a system of reflection from his parents.

He hoped that in the midst of the current pandemic the community could maintain a balanced life pattern and follow health protocols in the framework of fighting Covid -19 today.

As information, the Government through the Ministry of Health (07/13/2020) has issued CORONAVIRUS DISEASE Prevention and Control Guidelines (COVID-19) 5th revision that can be downloaded through https://covid19.go.id/.

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