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Taman Rimba Jambi, Fulfilling Community Requests to Reopen by Meeting the Covid-19 Protocol

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JAMBIDAILY – To meet the demands of the community, Jambi jungle park is reopening with new regulations in this new normal (07/27/2020). The jungle park as one of the favorite tourist attractions in Jambi Province-Indonesia, especially the city of Jambi has been reopened on July 10, 2020 which was previously closed due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Head of Jambi Rimba Park, Endang Purnamawati said many people asked to reopen the Jambi Rimba Park, because people usually take their children to the zoo on vacation. “After we submitted it to the Jambi provincial government and obtained information from zoos throughout Indonesia, finally they were allowed to reopen. Many people called and asked us to reopen the jungle park, because people usually take their children to the zoo, now after we submitted it to the government it was finally allowed to reopen, “he said

Even though Jambi Jungle Park has been opened, it still implements health protocols and makes new regulations for new normal visitors. “We continue to implement health protocols with supervision and appeals to visitors to keep their distance, obliging to wear masks, washing hands and checking the temperature of visitors,” explained Endang to, jambidaily.com

Visitors of the jungle park tour also said they were happy to have reopened and supported the regulations made by the park manager by continuing to implement the health protocol, “we are happy to be able to visit again especially since the children have not seen the zoo for a long time, we are also very supportive of the regulations that have been made by the park manager because after all we have to continue to run the health protocol, “said one visitor to the tour

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Endang Purnamawati also added that his party limits the number of visitors and opening hours have changed, “We are also limiting the number of visitors because it was only very busy yesterday so others are waiting and visiting hours have also changed from usual now open at 09.00-16.00.” Add it






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