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Corona Indonesia Update July 27: Positive Cases Reach 100,303

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(Photo: ANTARA PHOTOS / Yulius Satria Wijaya)

JAMBIDAILY – The number of positive confirmed cases of Corona COVID-19 virus in Indonesia increased by 1,525 cases on Monday (7/27/2020). The total number of positive cases was 100,303, of which 58,173 were cured and 4,838 died.
Previously, on Sunday (7/26/2020), the number of positive cases was 98,778, 56,665 cases recovered, and 4,781 cases died.

The Corona COVID-19 virus data update this time is no longer broadcast as before. But its development can still be monitored on the site covid19.go.id.

Details of the development of the Corona case in Indonesia on Monday (7/27/2020) are as follows.

1. The number of positive cases increased by 1,525 to 100,303 cases.
2. The number of patients recovering increased by 1,518 to 58,173 cases.
3. The number of patients died increased by 57 to 4,838 cases.


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