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Jambi Angso Duo Market, Strengthen Covid-19 Supervision with Mobile Patrol

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JAMBIDAILY – Public Relations of the Angso Duo Market Jambi – Indonesia, strengthen supervision of the spread of covid-19 during the New Life Order (New Normal) by means of patrols to encourage traders-buyers to comply with health protocols (Monday, 08/08/2020).

Jambi Angso Duo Market, as the biggest buying and selling transaction in the city of Jambi is one of the places that is always considered by the Jambi City government because it is crowded with buyers.

The Head of the Public Relations and Security Division of the Angso Duo Jambi Market, Marlian, stressed that even though it had entered the ‘new normal’, do not underestimate the spread of co-19 and even strengthen supervision.

“Even though it is new to normal, do not underestimate the fact that we are strengthening supervision by mobile patrols to urge compliance with health protocols,” he explained to jambidaily.com

The crowd that is the center of attention of the Jambi City government at the Angso Duo Jambi market is also given directions when sick traders make quick treatment at the nearest puskesmas.

Marlian also added that his party conducts raids every day if there are those who do not wear masks so that they can first buy masks before entering the Angso Duo Jambi market area.

“Every day we also conduct raids if there are people who do not wear masks, we admonish and immediately buy masks first, then they can enter the market area,” he added.

One buyer said he strongly supports what has been done by the Angso Duo Jambi market by strengthening mobile patrols to give advice to the people in the market area.

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“Strongly supporting what the Angso Duo Jambi market has done, patrols always remind us to wear masks, wash our hands and our awareness as buyers to keep our distance,” said one buyer.




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