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Not wanting to be careless about the forest and land fires, BRG Constructs a Precast Concrete Canal in Seponjen Village, Muaro Jambi Regency

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JAMBIDAILY – The Republic of Indonesia Peat Restoration Agency (BRG) continues to strive to prevent Forest and Land Fires (Karhutla), now a new innovation is built in the form of Precast Concrete Canal Blockers to maximize Rewetting, namely re-wetting the peatland area.

Accompanied by Ahmad Bestari SH MH, Head of Jambi Provincial Forestry Service, Head of the Peat Restoration Agency, Ir. Nazir Foead, conducted a direct survey (Friday, 04/09/2020) of the Precast Concrete Canal construction area in Seponjen Village, Kumpeh District, Muaro Jambi Regency, Jambi Province – Indonesia.

“We see the scars of fires in 2019, with the canal blocking is one of the efforts to prevent the peat from wetting so that in the dry season like now it is September, thank God the canal block breakthrough is quite wet because the water can rise. This canal divider has just been made with concrete, it will make efforts to maintain it stronger, construction takes a month to wait for the concrete to dry. But it will be strong, because here the conservation area will be closed off without a waterway through, “explained Ir Nazir Foead.

Concrete canal dividers, according to Ir. Nazir Foead, are new innovations and breakthroughs that are expected to last up to 10 years without requiring significant maintenance with the quality of the bulkhead more effectively holding water than wooden canal bulkheads.

“If the wooden canal blocking is effective but requires annual maintenance, from our experience the wood is rotten every two years and must be replaced with the upper surface, the lower surface may still last a few more years. Concrete does not require significant maintenance for 10 years, this is a new breakthrough from fellow engineers BRG and LHK. Of course, it can be a model for bulkhead in conservation area canals, “he said.

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In the same place Cut Afitatul Aini, Senior Engineering BRG, said that the canal block was named precast concrete canal block because of the concrete molding process outside the installation site.

“We call this channel blockage precast because the printing process is outside the place where it is installed. There are concrete that is built, first we print the PVC model, we taper it underneath, we give iron for reinforcement when it is crushed or stepped on, and when it is installed there is water pressure and the ground pressure remains strong. For the concrete drying, it takes up to 28 days, but we can use 21 days. After drying it is moved to be installed as we have seen and then given a waterproof layer, so that water can no longer go downstream, ”explained Cut Afitatul Aini.

“Finally, it is covered with hoarding soil, either mineral soil from outside or local peat which is ripe, its function is to strengthen the bulkhead and soil that is still unstable. Well, the hope is that these pipes are much stronger than the wood we usually use, and also not too much maintenance, “he added.

During the Working Visit of the Head of the Republic of Indonesia Peat Restoration Agency to Jambi Province, in Pandan Sejahtera Village, Geragai sub-district, Tanjung Jabung Timur district, together with the Head of the Jambi region’s Head of Work, Zulfikar; The main assistant to the Head of BRG, Greta Santismara; Assistant Admin of the Head of BRG, Ginanjar Prasetyo utomo; Staff of TU Pim-Rani and Nina Isa Belita; Kapokja Sumatra, Soesilo Indrarto; The main assistant to the Head of BRG, Greta Santismara; Assistant Admin of the Head of BRG, Ginanjar Prasetyo Utomo; Head of Jambi working group Zulfikar Ali and Deputy Staff II.

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In addition to reviewing the reinforced concrete PVC pre-cast canal bulkhead without overtopping, the Head of BRG and his entourage also visited the Digital Smoke CCTV Command Center at the Jambi Regional Police Headquarters.

At the location of the fire surveillance camera in the Tahura Orang Kayo Hitam area, Seponjen Village, Kumpeh District, Muaro Jambi Regency, the Head of BRG explained that the camera could monitor with a radius of up to 4 kilometers or around 5000 hectares

“The tower is a breakthrough from friends of Telkomsel, the Regional Police and the Forest Service in the form of installing surveillance cameras (CCTV-red). Learning from the fire experience that we need to immediately monitor rapid detection such as presidential orders. The radius can reach 4 kilometers or around 5000 hectares which can be monitored by one tower, we support the recommendation from the head of the forestry office that we support from BRG in cooperation with the Jambi Regional Police and Telkomsel installed in Tahura Orang kayo Hitam. That way it will be immediately visible to the naked eye through satellite images because there is CCTV, ”explained Ir Nazir Foead.

This is the second day, after yesterday (Thursday, 03/09/2020) gave the 2020 FY Economic Revitalization Package to Pokmas Porja in the form of a refill drinking water depot worth Rp. 99,925,000; pokmas Jaya Mulya in the form of cattle farms worth Rp. 110 million; and Pokmas Karya Usaha Bersama in the form of Tilapia Cultivation worth Rp. 99,975,000 in Pandan Sejahtera Village, Geragai sub-district, Tanjung Jabung Timur district.

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The Head of BRG and his entourage also reviewed the Peat Products Exhibition, Repair of Canal Blocking, Pokmas Pandan Jaya Cattle Farming and Observing the Honey Harvest in Rantau Karya Village, Pokmas Telago Jaya.

The Republic of Indonesia Peat Restoration Agency (BRG), a non-structural institution that is under and responsible to the President. BRG was formed on January 6, 2016, through Presidential Regulation No.1 of 2016 concerning the Peat Restoration Agency. BRG works specifically, systematically, directed, integratedly and comprehensively to accelerate the recovery and restoration of the hydrological function of peat that has been damaged especially due to fire and drying.

BRG includes the 3R program, apart from revitalization, namely Rewetting, which is rewetting with the construction of canal blocking, drilling wells and other efforts to encourage the wetting of peatlands. Meanwhile revegetation is replanting through seedbed, planting and natural regeneration.


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