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Online Seminar on Study & Work Opportunities in Germany

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JAMBIDAILY – In recent years, many Indonesians have been looking for several career options abroad. Where high prices for overseas schools are a popular choice, Germany offers several new opportunities at a lower cost called Ausbildung (Vocational).

Thus, “Tandem Indonesia, Languages ​​and Exams” (fully owned by PT. Global Wiyata Khatulistiwa) holds an online seminar with speakers from Germany. The choice of topics reflects the current need for information and clarification regarding what types of career charts Germany has to offer today.

On December 19, 2020, approximately 65 participants joined the online session via zoom. Within 90 minutes many questions were answered. One important point that is questioned is related to the level of language proficiency and certificates required for different career choices.

Mrs. Svenja Volkert as the speaker explained in detail that TestDaF is the ultimate exam format to demonstrate language and academic skills for anyone who has the goal of being accepted at the University. Other universities entering Language examinations that are accepted at universities in Germany are “telc C1 Hochschule and DSH plus Goethe-Certificate”.

The second speaker, Mr. Irfan Fachrudin Priyanta, spoke from the perspective of an Indonesian who has studied in Germany and is currently working as a research assistant at a university in Germany. Irfan explained that cultural differences must be a concern if you want to go abroad and specifically Germany, which has very different cultural norms.

In terms of work, Irfan underlined that the punctuality of time and direct communication were difficult for Indonesians to understand. So that the ability to speak German.

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Thus, good German proficiency and training knowledge of various cultures should be the language of everyone going to Germany.

Additional input provided by other Indonesians who are currently in Ausbildung (vocational) for care workers. Mr. Aiman ​​explained his success how he made his dream come true to study profession in Germany.

“He first came to Germany as an Au Pair. While participating in volleyball programs to look after children from one family, improve their language skills. After completing the Au Pair he became confident and possessed sufficient leadership skills to seek, enroll and succeed in Ausbildung, “he explained.

This is the third part of a zoom session to promote foreign language learning in Indonesia. Tandem-Indonesia. One good thing in the future that will be read from this event is an interview with one of the speakers, which was recorded in September 2020 https://tandem-i.com/index.php/testimonials-for-studying/.

This online seminar is aimed at school and university students as well as teachers in Indonesia with a strong interest in Germany and the German language. The seminar is free and can be seen the recording on Tandem Indonesia’s Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5umM9yN4Sbg

Request for Ausbildung and study in Germany: office@tandem-i.com


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